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Utility-Smart-Icon-58x58.jpgStay warm with heating and windows settings and sweaters or some combination. This app lets you report on your choices for staying warm -- layers of clothing, turning the heat up or down, and opening or closing windows. 

iPhone Portrait multiple bars.pngThe vertical bars show the eco-friendliness of your comfort choices as you adjust your windows, heat, and clothing layers. Try for a solid vertical green bar as often as possible: Go Green!

iPhone Portrait sliders.pngUse sliders to set your Current Conditions with the tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Share button in the top left to post the settings and any notes that you want to share to Twitter or eMail. Add comments to your Facebook page. Help increase awareness and promote eco-friendly actions with your favorite communication and social media tools -- all from Utility Smart.

Stay warm... and keep the conversation going about how to stay warm in an eco-friendly manner.

For teachers...

Utility Smart is a great tool for helping students at any level think about their choices for using utilities such as power responsibly. The data students students report on their own behavior can be shared with the Share button on the View Eco-Friendliness tab via email or Twitter: It is exported with the Share Button in CSV (comma-separated-value) format suitable for importing into spreadsheets or other apps.

Challenge students to track their energy options. Students can also use the data they collect as the basis for their own apps ranging from simple web-based apps to more complex apps using various frameworks, Apple Playgrounds, or languages such as Swift/Objective-C, Java, or others.

About the project...

Utility Smart is a collaboration between Curt Gervich and Jesse Feiler. Logo design from Boire Benner Group (boirebenner.com). The project was created and implemented in Plattsburgh, NY. 

Curt Gervich is an Associate Professor at SUNY Plattsburgh. He holds degrees in Natural Resource Planning from the University of Vermont and Environmental Design and Planning from Virginia Tech. Dr. Gervich studies and teaches courses related to environmental decision making and leadership, including topics such as conservation behavior change and systems thinking.

This project represents represents the marriage of these two topics. Dr. Gervich also serves on the LCBP TAC Committee.


Jesse Feiler helps people and organizations get to know and use new technologies. . Recent books include “iPad For Seniors for Dummies" (9th edition) and “Learn Apple HomeKit for iOS.”

Current projects involve using apps and FileMaker databases for identifying and managing risk in nonprofit organizations as well as helping communities build location-based apps to promote tourism, downtown economic development, and the wise use of natural resources.

He is founder and president of Friends of Saranac River Trail (saranacrivertrail.org) whose flagship events include the annual Talks, Treks & Tasks which include treks to the Plattsburgh Water Pollution Control Plant.


Jesse's Newest Book: iPad For Seniors for Dummies - 9th edition


Break out your reading glasses—iPad instructions for seniors are here Why should the kids have all the fun? If you're ready to catch up on the latest technology, getting an iPad is a great first step. They're immensely popular tablets, and you're about to discover why! Using a larger font for both the text and its full-color figures, iPad For Seniors For Dummies makes it faster and easier to keep connected in your golden years.

With this book to guide you, you'll soon be using your iPad to instantly stay in touch with loved ones, share family photos, surf the web, keep up with social media, stay on schedule with your Calendar, keep electronic grocery lists handy, and so much more. Navigate the screen and the built-in apps Use email, messaging, and FaceTime to stay in touch with family and friends Capture your memories with the camera Read newspapers and books, watch TV and movies, and keep sharp with fun games So, now it's time to 'wow' your friends—and even your grandkids—by showing them you're hip to the latest technology trends.


Author Jesse Feiler develops, consults, and writes about Apple technologies with an emphasis on mobile and location-based apps.

Jesse's HomeKit Book


This book is the complete guide to Apple's home automation technology, HomeKit. You’ll learn the HomeKit platform structure and how it supports devices―existing and planned―and you’ll get a thorough grounding on new and useful apps that deliver a new generation of home automation in a secure and innovative environment. 

Learn Apple HomeKit on the Mac and iOS  shows you how to move to secure, home automation projects that integrate with your digital world automatically―after you set them up as described in the book. Having your calendar and appointments control your lights, locks, thermostat, and other home devices is the heart of home automation. In homes and small offices, you can banish notes taped to switches and controls that say, "Do not turn off this switch" or "Leave the thermostat alone." The book gets you up to speed on HomeKit, and it also answers some of the pesky questions, such as "What happens when the power goes out?" 

Along the way there are tips and suggestions for app developers, hardware manufacturers, interior designers, and real estate professionals. For programmers, there's an entire chapter (plus sections in other chapters) dedicated to the core coding issues. For non-programmers, this book is the perfect resource mastering the amazing potential of Apple HomeKit. 

With a knowledge of the framework, you can start from HomeKit and let your imagination run wild as you design compatible devices with unlimited capabilities. Go build your killer app, your game-changing product, or service!

What You Will Learn:

  • For device developers, understanding the structure of HomeKit―homes, rooms, and accessories―enables you to build devices that are easily managed by a single, simple source and interface. 
  • For DIY home networking users will gain a thorough knowledge of how they can adapt HomeKit to their existing spaces.
  • For programmers, there's an entire chapter plus sections in other chapters dedicated to the core coding issues you'll need to learn. 
  • For non-programmers, this book is your perfect resource for easily getting your mind around the amazing potential of Apple HomeKit. 

Author Jesse Feiler develops, consults, and writes about Apple technologies with an emphasis on mobile and location-based apps.